Ray-Ban has made that has become a pop-cultural phenomenon.

The style, which was designed by Bausch & Lomb’s Raymond Stegeman, was groundbreaking in both its shape and its method of manufacture, according to JackThreads. Wayfarers were made from molded plastic, instead of metal, which made bolder and brighter frames possible. ray ban sunglasses sale released the model Ray-Ban Wayfarer with plastic frames, made famous by James Dean three years later in the film Rebel Without a Cause. Peter Fonda’s film Easy Rider celebrated the model the Olympian.


Ray-Ban pairs trendy flash colored Chromance lenses with high performance and street-style models. Chromance lenses, for eyes that love color.A success without precedent, this model of Ray-Ban was born in 1952 and thanks to musicians,cheap real aviators sunglasses  artists and celebrities who fell rendered to his feet, became – and still it – in a true icon of pop culture.Luxxotica and Essilor may not be household names, but you may very well have one of their products on your face right now.

If you’ve visited LensCrafters or Pearle Vision for your eyeglasses or contacts, or Sunglass Hut for sunglasses, you’ve done business with the Italian eyewear conglomerate ray ban outlet Luxxotica, and if you bought Varilux or Transitions lenses during that visit, you’ve done business with the French lens company Essilor.Ray-Ban is the latest brand to join The Grove’s collection of shops in Los Angeles for a three-month run.
Whether you go with Jake and Elwood’s classic wayfarers from “The Blues Brothers,” Tom Cruise’s aviators from “Top Gun,” or the clubmasters of Mr. best fake ray ban online sale Orange in “Reservoir Dogs,” there’s hardly a look that Ray-Ban has made that has not become a pop-cultural phenomenon.

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